September 17, 2021, Please bear with me as I redesign somewhat my site.!

February 24, 2021. Under the "Rods" tab in the main menu, please look to see a number of new rods I've developed and am now happy to offer.

    • 6 1/2', 1-weight.

    • 8/12', 2-weight. The "Catskill Two."

    • 9', 5-weight with W. K. Rollo in mind.

    • 9', 4 weight with Theodore Gordon in mind.

    • 10', 4-weight with Harfield Edmonds in mind.

    • 11', 7/8-weight with Arthur Wood in mind.

The 6 1/2' rod was a lark! But, it accounted for my largest brown trout of last summer. The "Catskill Two" was motivated by late season conditions on Catskill waters. The other four rods represent my attempt to create modern bamboo rods that the famous angler would have liked.

December 5, 2020. Just completed a 8 1/2 foot 2-weight rod as a fund-raising donation to the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum. Made with very old Leonard cane in the butt- and mid-sections, it evokes the light-line rods coming into use in at the turn of the 20th century. It is paired with a reel I constructed reminiscent of the raised-pillar reels of the times, a 2DT Cortland Sylk Line, and a box of flies suitable for high summer and early fall tiny fly fishing. It casts a 1-, 2-, 3-weight line well. My personal favorite is a .025 silk line with a silk tapered, furled leader. Delicate presentations at 35 to 50 feet and full control of a dry fly, emerger, or floating nymph make this an ideal fishing tool. Watch a brief video about the outfit at https://youtu.be/241o-35zi_Q. Please support the CFFCM.