In the Shop with Bob

Cubby Week

Bob's Rod Maker LInks

Here are some of my favorite rod maker links.  I'll update this section from time to time.

Bob Clay rods at

Marc Aroner rods at

Per Brandin rods at

Jeff Wagner rods at

Dana Gray rods at

Tom Morgan rods at

Bob's Fishing Links

Here are some of my favorite fly fishing links:

The Catskills Fly Fishing Center and Museum

Kathy and Dave Larson's on the Kispiox River, British Columbia

Maria Davison's on Elk Creek, Centre County, PA

Jonas Price's shop on Penn's Creek in Coburn, PA

Craig and Jackie Matthews shop in West Yellowstone, MT

Gaspe, Quebec Atlantic Salmon

Supplier Links

Here are links to the people and companies where i get components, tools, and supplies for the rod shop.  Thanks to all of them for supplying fine products.

Thread, guides, tiptops, tools, and supplies from Jeff Wagner. 

Rod bags, rod tubes, guides, and other supplies from REC.

Reel seats from Struble.

Metal, shop tools, lathe tooling, router bits, and supplies form McMaster-Carr.

Beveler and binder from Quinchat Rods.  

Varnish and impregnation supplies from Daly's.

Varnishes, other finishes, and shop supplies from Wallauers.

Glue from Nelson Paint Company.

Planing forms and binders from Lon Blauvelt.

Planing forms and tools from Golden Witch.

Node press and many great ideas from Tim Abbott (no website).

Bob Clay taping a scarf joint rod


Marc Aroner's coveted machinery at work

YouTube Video - Oyster Bamboo Durability Test