The List

   If you're interested in getting on the list for a rod, please complete the Rod List Form. I will contact you when a rod is available that either matches or comes close to your preference in the order of the date on your email (the list). Being on the list is not a commitment to buy. No payment is due at point of order. Price for the rod will be the price in effect at the time of delivery. Full payment is due before shipping. There's a 2-week return period. Current prices are at the bottom of this page.

Colson Rods

Spey rods 3/2, sealed, in either splice-joint or ferruled, ranging in length between 11 and 12 1/2 feet. Scandi (floating) heads with running lines work extremely well with these rods.  All rods are sealed and varnished. Splice-joint rods are about 6 inches longer than ferruled rods when not joined, so a 11-foot splice-joint is about 11 1/2 feet and a 12-foot splice-joint is about 12 1/2 feet. Splice-joint rods are taped together with clear electrical tape (included with the rod) to form an extremely tight connection.  Spey rods come with a reel seat that fits both modern reel feet and most of the larger ones found on older Hardy Salmon Perfects. Bamboo Spey rods will normally cast several line weights. For example, some of my customers use 385 - 425 grain lines on the Spey L rod and lines as heavy as 540 grains on the Spey H rod. In general, my personal preference is for lighter lines than most. I use Rio Steelhead Scandi floating lines for these rods. None of my Spey rods are tapered for "Skagit" style sink-tip fishing. I carry a graphite rod for fishing sink-tips.
  • Spey XL is for 300 - 350 grain floating Spey head.
  • Spey L is for 350 - 400 grain floating Spey head.
  • Spey is for 400 - 450  grain Spey head. Floating lines recommended, but type 3 sink-tip possible.
  • Spey H is for  450 - 500 grain Spey Head. Floating lines recommended, but type 6 sink-tip possible.
    • Salmon and steelhead rods, three piece, ferruled, two tips.   Sealed and varnished.   
      • 8 1/2', 8/9 weight salmon boat rod.  Cascapedia canoe rod.  Dry flies, waking flies, and wet flies size 1/0 and smaller.
      • 8 1/2', 7/8 weight light salmon rod. 
      • 9', 7 weight "greased line" rod for summer fishing.
      • 9 ', 9/10 weight heavy salmon rod.
      • 11' AHE Wood Greased Line Rod for DT7F line, preferably HCH silk line.
    • Trout rods, three piece, ferruled, two tips.  Sealed and varnished.    
      • Trout H: 5/6-weight heavy trout rod, 4 to 4 1/2 ounces.  8' and 8 1/2' lengths.  Dry fly, wet fly, and streamer.
      • Trout: 4/5-weight trout rod, 3 1/2 to 4 1/4 ounces.  8', 8 1/2', and 9' lengths.  Dry fly, wet fly, and streamer.
      • Trout L: 3/4-weight trout rod, 2 3/4 to 3 1/2 ounces. 7', 7 1/2', 8', and 8 1/2' lengths.  Dry fly and wet fly.
      • Trout XL: 2/3- weight trout rod, 2 to 3 1/4 ounces.  6', 6 1/2', 7', 7 1/2', 8', and 8 1/2 lengths.  Dry fly and wet fly. I also make a splice-joint version of this rod that is 8 1/2'.
      • Trout "Toy": 6 1/2', 1- weight that I think of as a toy but it really is not!
      • 10', 4 weight "Edmonds & Lee rod for short line, upstream spider fishing in pocket water.

    Prices include rod with two tips, bag, and tube.  Prices include excise taxes.  New York residents and those that pick their rod up at my shop will have to pay New York State sales tax.

    • Spey rods with ferrules - $2,750
    • Spey rods with splice joints - $2,500
    • Three-piece, single-handed rods - $2,000