December 5, 2020. Just completed a 8 1/2 foot 2-weight rod as a fund-raising donation to the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum. Made with very old Leonard cane in the butt- and mid-sections, it evokes the light-line rods coming into use in at the turn of the 20th century. It is paired with a reel I constructed reminiscent of the raised-pillar reels of the times, a 2DT Cortland Sylk Line, and a box of flies suitable for high summer and early fall tiny fly fishing. It casts a 1-, 2-, 3-weight line well. My personal favorite is a .025 silk line with a silk tapered, furled leader. Delicate presentations at 35 to 50 feet and full control of a dry fly, emerger, or floating nymph make this an ideal fishing tool. Watch a brief video about the outfit at  https://youtu.be/241o-35zi_Q. Please support the CFFCM